Farmer in MP writes a will leaving portion of property to his pet dog

Om Narayan Verma, is a farmer from Baribada village in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. He was very upset due to the behaviour of his son and so he made a will leaving a portion of his ancestral property  comprising of 2 acres of land  to his pet dog Jackie. Aa per the will, the remaining property would go to his wife Champa. The farmer disclosed that both his wife and his pet dog were dear to him and served him with a lot of love and affection and therefore he was leaving the property to both of them.
He stated that he did not want his pet dog to suffer after his demise and so the person who took care of the dog would inherit a portion of the land. However Verma was forced to backtrack and change his mind after the local Sarpanch spoke to him and persuaded him to nullify the will. In fact, Verma told the media that he made the will out of anger as he was upset with the behaviour of his son and he was taking steps to nullify the said will. The village Sarpanch Jamuna Prasad Verma also stated that he convinced Verma to get the will cancelled.


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