Family in Tamil Nadu throws baby shower for their pet dog


Kumaresan and his family reside in Uppukottai of Theni district in Tamil Nadu. He got a pup for his children when they were young. As time went by, they adopted more dogs and they now own 10 dogs.

One of the dogs named Silk became pregnant and the veterinarian informed the family that Silk will give birth to puppies in three months. The family was overjoyed and decided to hold a baby shower for Silk. They held a grand ceremony and invited friends and relatives.
Silk was decorated in new clothes, fed with five different types of rice and even made to wear bangles. Kumaresan said that he used to have dogs since his childhood and therefore treats them like a family member. His family has been sharing whatever they ate with their pet dogs.
The picture taken during the baby shower has gone viral on social media.It shows Silk wearing a red cloth with a garland around her neck and surrounded by family members of Kumaresan.



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