Dr. V. Shanta, of Adyar Cancer Institute passes away


The Chairwoman of Adyar Cancer Institute, Dr. V. Shanta, passed away at a private hospital at the age of 94. After complaining of discomfort, she was rushed to Apollo Hospital where an attempt to remove a block in her blood vessel failed and she breathed her last at around 3.55 this morning. Her body has been placed at the Cancer Institute’s old building where she joined as a resident medical officer 65 years ago.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled her death and said that the Adyar Cancer Institute was at the forefront of serving the poor and the downtrodden.
Dr. Shanta was born on 11th March 1927. She joined Madras Medical College to pursue her degree in medicine.After completing her education, she joined the Adyar Cancer Institute founded by Muthulakshmi Reddy and played a pivotal role in the development of the hospital from a small one with just 12 beds to a massive centre of repute. She devoted her life to cancer care and the field of oncology and made cancer treatment accessible to patients in India. She received several awards including the Padma Vibhushan and the Ramon Magsaysay awards. She was an inspiration for doctors and healthcare providers. She was dedicated to cancer patients, treatment, care and spreading awareness. May her noble soul rest in peace.



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