Chef Damu gets lifetime achievement award


Chef K Damodaran popularly known as Chef Damu from Chennai has been honoured with the Culinary Legend Lifetime Achievement Award. The event was organized at the House of Commons, British Parliament, Westminster, on November 5th.
Damu has been in the culinary field for over 40 years. He is the President of South Indian Chef Association and a member of the World Association of Cooks Society, He has written 29 cookery books and has judged more than 10,000 cooking competitions.

Damu is elated on getting this award. He says ”I feel greatly honoured to be selected by the WTO for this prestigious award.”
The Global Food Hospitality and Tourism Achievements Award was instituted this year only. Damu is the first person to be selected for the award and it has made him doubly happy.
More than 40 internationally renowned chefs and restaurateurs were invited to the event. A short video of Damu was screened at the event.



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