After Meghan Markle, Oprah interviews Priyanka


‘Super Soul’ with Oprah Winfrey will soon be streaming on Discovery Plus

After the super explosive interview with Harry and Meghan, Oprah releases a clip of her next interview with Priyanka Chopra Jonas on her show titled ‘Super Soul’. In one of the clips, Oprah is seen congratulating the actress about writing a book at 38 and the fact that the book, ‘Unfinished’ is already a bestseller.  She asks Priyanka about how she decided to  write a book about her own life at such a young age. The Quantico actress replies that due to the pandemic she had the time to delve deep. She said that she felt she was in a ‘secure’ place , where she could leave behind the insecurities she felt during her 20s. She went on to say that she was more confident about what she brings to the table now – professionally and personally. “I always wanted to write a book and I thought the easiest way to do it is to write about my life! It wasn’t!” she confides.

She also spoke openly about her marriage to Nick Jonas. She revealed that initially she didn’t take Nick Jonas seriously when he was texting her. At 35, she wanted to get married and settle down and Nick was in his 20s , she wasn’t sure if Nick wanted to do the same. But she went on to say that she shares a beautiful relationship of equal partnership with Nick , very much like the relationship her parents had with each other. Priyanka also spoke about her own spirituality, her Indian upbringing, about the culture of having multiple religions coexist in India.

Watch the full interview on ‘Super Soul’ that will be streaming on Discovery plus from March 20th.




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