Yume No Monogatari: An Entrepreneur’s Dream

Fitness enthusiast, dapper, style blogger, avid traveler, Zarook Shah is the Director of Grand Square mall in Chennai. Graduating from the University of Madras, Zarook left for Tokyo to take over the Japanese operations of the family business. And that’s where he was inspired to come up with a novel, Yume No Monogatari, an entrepreneur’s roller-coaster ride Ginza in Japan to Moore Market. The book is all about his experience and overcoming the obstacles to being a successful entrepreneur.

Yume No Monogatari means ‘story of dreams’ in Japanese. This book is the inspiring story of an entrepreneur’s dream; his journey from Ginza in Japan to Moore Market in Chennai. Zarook Shah believes that the most important aspect of life is to have a dream and passion. Dreams manifest into reality if we work towards it. In this book, the author chronicles his journey where many of his dreams have turned into reality.

Embark on this galvanizing journey and experience Zarook’s story of dream.

Buy here: https://amzn.to/2lF19Sm