Yummy Ramazan desserts to try out

This Ramazan chomp on some of the finest sweets and traditional desserts. The usage of dry fruits, dates, milk, raisins, cream makes the desserts rich in taste and flavour, leaving one wanting for more. Take a look at some yum fare from the Middle East:


A rich pastry made of layers of filo and filled with nuts, dates, sweet syrup and honey.


Umm Ali

This is made of phyllo pastry, cream, milk, nuts and is topped with raisins and more nuts.

umm ali (Copy)

Aish El Saraya

Sweetened bread drizzled with sweet syrup and cream and topped with nuts.



Dumplings filled with unsalted cheese, nuts, and drizzled with honey, sugar syrup and nuts. In simple words, it is Arabic stuffed pancakes.


Layali Lubnan

A semolina pudding which is drizzled with orange syrup and vanilla and topped with a layer of cream, nuts, fruits and berries.

layali lubnan