Your Body My Way: Ali Faraaz

Today, life goes by in spending more than half of your day at work, and the remaining between the gym and socialising. The habits and lifestyle that our grandparents followed are slowly falling off the track. With all this going on, stress levels seem to be on the rise. Add to this- a little bit of the uber cool wave of fitness and nutrition, it is only imperative that you pay attention to what you eat and what supplements you take.

A nutritionist is one of those friends you definitely want to have in your contacts list. After all who doesn’t want to have access to one with their random questions while standing in the middle of the grocery store aisle? “What were those raw vegan wraps you recommended?”, “Is this green juice really as healthy as it looks?” and so on… Here are some tips from some of the top notch nutritionists…

Ali Faraaz, Nutritionist

Belief: I don’t believe in quick results. Dieting is about lifestyle change, hence I always advocate a slow progression with weight loss and always recommend that my clients take time to understand their bodies and understand the entire process of dieting.

One food to stop eating? Whey protein. It is synthetic and not good for you or your gut bacteria. A balanced diet contains more than enough protein and there is hardly a need to supplement it.

Low-fat vs. low-carb diet for weight loss? Low carb! The low fat diet fad has been busted as a myth.

Known for: Imagine a car without all four wheels? That is how I feel about removing a food group from the diet. All food groups have a part to play in the functioning of a healthy body and hence are a must!

Busting typical myths:

  • Fruits are not bad for you
  • Weight training is not always required to lose weight
  • High protein diets are not always healthy for you
  • Drinking water doesn’t make you bloat
  • There is no such thing as a detox diet

When I started off people didn’t even know what brown rice was. Quinoa was unheard of. Now people have come a long way in understanding holistic nutrition. They’re more aware of their eating habits. They now realise the impact food has on their bodies and understand that only working out harder won’t help.

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