Young Adventurer – Outdoor Summer Camp in Hyderabad



5 Days 4 nights ‘Young Adventurer Outdoor and Nature Summer Camp’ is being held at Hyderabad.

The camp is being conducted for Children of Age Group of 8 to 15 years (Boys and Girls). The camp is under the supervision of Diyanat Ali, the founder of GHAC, and Outlife. Outlife focuses on bringing outdoor education toschools and youngsters to enhance personal development.
Activities include Nature and Adventure based Learning, Experiential Learning activities, Bushcraft, Cultural and Personality Development activities.

Stay will be in Camping tents with Basic Hygiene, Mobile Toilets and Safety. The staff is CPR and First Aid certified. A Paramedic with vehicle will be available at the camp on all days. They have a male and female on sentry duty throughout the night.

Where: Divya Retreat Resort, Divya Retreat, Keesara, Ramlingam Palle, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Wed 20 Apr, 08:00 AM