Workshop on haircare

A change in season can prove detrimental to our hair and skin. Rain brings relief from the scorching hot climate; however, monsoon has its direct impact on hair and skin.

A workshop was conducted in Bangalore to examine the effects of the monsoon on hair and skin, in which Dr. Premalatha, Dermatologist, Hairline International, demonstrated on how certain specialized treatments can help mitigate the problems faced.

Dr. Premalatha, Dermatologist (Copy)

“During the monsoon season, there is a lot of humidity in the atmosphere, which increases the moisture in the scalp. This leads to the hair becoming fragile, dull, dry and lusterless. Especially in an area where there is a lot of pollution, the water which settles in the clouds before raining down  usually ends up being very harmful. These pollutants in the rain water stick onto the hair and may lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp, further resulting in hair thinning and hair loss. The prevailing humidity may also lead to excessive sweating, which generates a favorable place for fungi and bacteria to grow,” said Dr. Premalatha.