Works of women artists from 4 countries showcased in Bangalore

Witness four women from four different countries create a riot of strokes, colours and emotions on canvas. Melting Pot, an India to Europe exhibition tour of paintings by Barbara Ash (who hails from the UK), Katarina Rasic (Serbia), Gayatri Gamuz (who was born in Spain) and Pritam Bhatty (from India) is on featuring works that represent symbolically the struggles involved in accepting or rejecting cultural influences that have framed the lives of these women.

Pritam_Ruhani Jalsa - P (Copy)

The works showcased will present a unique blend of art and culture that embodies the similarities and differences in the perspectives of these talented artists with regard to identity, femininity and culture. 

Barbara - For want of a better life (Copy)

The imagery, which is visibly transnational, tracing and exploring linages and roots through visual narrative, brings out aspects of stereotypes and the concept of the “self” and the “other” among other interesting themes. Essentially, the art created by these women, shows their attempt to navigate physical and conceptual boundaries in order to embrace the past and brave the contemporary.

Katarina - In the heart of the city (Copy)

Where: Sublime Galleria, UB City, Bangalore

When: Till May 21

Time: 11 AM – 8 PM