Women Biker Expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

 The 8000 km expedition is to support the cause of Mother’s wellness and women’s safety

3 Hyderabadi women Jai Bharathi, SmritiGattu and Anita Peter have started 8000 km expedition from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to support the cause of Mother’s wellness and safety. Rahul MantriPragada and NagarjunaTummala joined the team. The 20 days expedition was flagged of at Novotel Hyderabad Airport on 16th may 2017. And they will be covering almost 8000 km from Kanyakumari to Kashmir crossing 22 cities and interacting with various communities about he cause.

Jai Bharathi, an architect by profession &Founder Member of Hyderabad Bikerni group said “We have recently successfully completed the International Female Ride Day in Hyderabad which got national attention. We are happy to see many women taking up the biking as passion. We will be spreading awareness on the women’s health and wellness throughout the ride.”

Anita Peter leading the Ride Cochin in her home town , is a member of Harley Owners Group ( HOG ) Ladies of Harley ( LOH ) Women’s Riding Group of Spice Coast Harey-Davidson HOG Chapter. She is a classical dancer , Social activist and also an actress . She is currently doing this ride of Kashmir to Kanyakumari Road Trip. (# HOG Anita Peter – +91 9845375142)

“Its every man’s responsibility when it comes to Women Safety. We are happy to be part of this ride to support the cause which is close to my heart,” said, Rahul Mantripragada. “Any change begins with awareness. Awareness leads to action, Action to a way of life and that in turn has an impact. We begin this ride to support the ‘ I pledge’ campaign in the Awareness for change. We believe in each person taking responsibilty. No more blame games as to why we can’t get better,” said Anita Peter.

The I pledge campaign is to sensitize men and women about the safety and to make everyone to be part of the change. Enroute this journey they all will be talking about how every individual can take the responsibility of Women Safety and make this country safe for all the Women.They believe that even though there are lot of policies set in our systems,the onus lies on us ‘The Citizens’ to take up the responsibilities and put these policies to use. ” Our roads will be safe for every woman or girl irrespective of whether day or night. The world belongs to her just as it belongs to a man. As a man I will not be judgemental of her or cause any inconvenience to her. I will respect her for what and who she is. I will spread this awareness” – I pledge.

One Lakh Hands – one of India’s largest and most successful community sensitization platform on socio-cultural issues – launched its campaign for the year, focused on someone dear to all of us, but often neglects herself – MOM, with the theme; She chases you for life, now chase her back for an active life. For the year 2017, One Lakh Hands creators have chosen the cause of “ Happy & Healthy Mom.” As per the national Health Survey 2016, Hyderabad is ranked no 1 in cases of women obesity in India. Mothers often tend to neglect their own health at the cost of their family’s well being. Their health is impacted after childbirth. Most mothers are malnourished and are woefully short on physical exercise. They endure ill health and postpone seeking medical attention, just to avoid upsetting the daily routine at home. Often such neglect and sacrifices reflects at a later stage leading to chronic ailments, as they get old.