When culinary maestros meet

Meet the popular chefs from across all Marriott India and Starwood Hotels at JW Marriott Bengaluru for the first time in Bengaluru. They are here as part of a Black Box Challenge and a Chef’s Cook-off and will prepare culinary creations. The Chef’s Workshop will also feature some of the most prominent chefs in the culinary domain. Culinary Director Asia Pacific at Marriott International Inc. – Toine Hoeksel and Culinary Director of Marriott India – Raheel Ahmad. JW Marriott Bengaluru is all set the host its first exclusive Chef’s 3-day Workshop. The workshop will be an intensive, detailed and customised training session with over 40 chefs. The chefs will also be part of interactive sessions on June 7, 2017 where they will compete in teams against each other in a mystery challenge called the “Black box challenge” to create dishes with unknown ingredients. This will be followed by an outdoor activity on June 8, 2017 where they will visit a Brahman Iyengar farm on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The chefs will be given an opportunity to be surrounded by fresh and natural produce which will be used to cook dishes in a “Chef’s Cook-off” inspired by the preparations made at the Iyengar family’s household. Their new culinary specialties will be prepared again at a special buffet on June 9, 2017 allowing guests to experience the local cuisines at its finest.