“Weddings and Marigolds” by Mathangi Srinivasamurti and Anita Pradeep

Mathangi Srinivasamurti and Anita Pradeep presenting “Weddings and Marigold”, the ultra-supportive, one-stop destination for magical weddings from planning to execution, detailing to decor, trousseau to return gifts right up to gift-management and tracking through a one-of-a-kind app, they make all the difference to your wedding.

Presenting for the first time on this scale in South India, “Weddings and Marigolds”, the one stop destination for planning your wedding, with Indian Wedding Ideas and creating the best possible look and feel to match the look.

Connecting Indians both in South India and overseas – about creating aesthetically dominant quality oriented and exquisite ideas in Indian Weddings.

Mathangi Srinivasamurti, Founder and CEO Entrepreneur and Business Woman, a pioneer in lifestyle related concepts. For the past 13 years, she’s a business partner in the Chamiers boutique cum Cafe.

Mathangi will be an asset with regards to the developing of the creative energy at “Weddings and Marigolds” and contribute its entire product with her years of experience in developing quality ideas and inspiring concept presentations. She runs the day to day business and is at the centre of the brand.

Partnering her in bringing alive the dream of “Weddings and Marigolds” to the fore is Anita Pradeep. Anita Pradeep based out of Singapore has 18 years experience in building brand and marketing strategic businesses with a penchant for arts, leadership and management. She brings to the table advice focused on national and international audience and market development.

“Weddings and Marigolds” is a Wedding Lounge, which is a service, designed and devised by Mathangi to create a differentiated position in the field of wedding planning. “Weddings and Marigolds” both online and offline, where all possible wedding related products are on display and creates a particular scenario of what happens next. It is a place where props are created showcased, sarees are displayed, food is discussed and other essentials are displayed to inspire the craft. It is a curated wedding museum of sorts that acts as a creative space that gives both the planning team and the wedding Party an inspiring and a auspicious discussion point to engage in fruitful conversation and take their wedding to the next step.

The idea of well planned weddings and the essence of getting it right from the word go!

The website encapsulates the entire gamut of services and creates a platform to reach international customers. Weddings are quintessentially embedded with our system. Expecting efficiency in that system is a new need state for the growing “world-made” Indian.

For more information on “Weddings and Marigolds”, please visit : www.weddingsandmarigold.com