Weaving Stories: Shreyans Dungarwal

A photographer is the person who helps you lock your memories forever – be it a wedding or a baby’s first birthday. The wedding season is round the corner, and it’s that time, when everyone’s looking for someone to capture their special moments.

Weddings are for life, and it is only fair to have the best one photographing your wedding day memories. In order to help you find the right wedding photographer, we’ve put together some of the best ones in the city, for you to know them better.

Candid or traditional – these are the guys who will make it happen by executing your vision.

Browse through our wedding photographer directory and make sure to choose a wedding photographer that you ‘click’ with – after all they will be capturing some of the biggest moments of your life.

If you have already hired your wedding photographer, then you are remarkably fortunate, but if you are still looking for the best, then here is the list to choose from. Read on to know them…

By Anahita Ahuja

Shreyans Dungarwal, founder Shreyans Dungarwal Photography 

How did you get into this field?

My uncle got himself a camera which he hardly used because most of the time I was trying to understand his camera. After a point of time I got so passionate about photography that I wanted to own one camera for myself. My passion turned into profession and here I am.

Tell us about your primary style?

I like to keep it real, so most of my images have motion. I try to create a scene for my subject and then it is easy for both of us.

What is that one thing you are tired of hearing?

“Which camera, which lens, or which software?”- I hear this a lot. I am not really tired of these questions as I completely understand the urge of knowing, but what people do not understand is that it is not always about the equipment. It is time, value, experience and lots of talent!

What is your favourite part of the wedding?

The food! I love food and I shoot weddings to eat amazing food. (Laughs)

What is your primary focus when you are taking on a wedding?

To shoot less but shoot amazing!

Your favourite equipment

Lights! I buy all kinds of equipments, I own everything possible but lights are something I love the most and I do not shoot without them.

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?

You might have a low budget, but you will get married just once so choose wisely because I have seen new comers are messing it up so bad. So always remember it is not the likes on their Facebook page it is about the way that photographer is approaching you.

If there was one place in the world you would love to capture a wedding where would it be and why?

Well, that is a tough one because I do not want to leave any destination in this world, but I have this fascination to shoot a couple while doing sky diving – am I asking for a tad bit too much?

What is the best and worst moment you have had as a wedding photographer?

The best moment is when I have managed to capture what I was aiming at from that particular wedding. Worst is when you are about to get that shot what you have been waiting but then suddenly some Page3 photographer comes right in front of your camera to just get that 2000th shot in his camera for no wonderful reason! Well, that is life and we just got to deal with it!


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