Walmart goes digital uses Artificial Intelligence in stores

Walmart has decided to push the level of Artifical intelligence by suspending high-resolution cameras from┬áthe ceiling point to a table of bananas. They can tell how ripe the bananas are from their colour. When a banana starts to bruise, the cameras send an alert to a worker. Normally, that task would have relied on the subjective assessment of a human, who likely don’t have time to inspect every aspect of the fruit.

Walmart’s deep dive into artificial intelligence in its physical store comes as Amazon raised the stakes in the grocery business with its purchase of Whole Foods Market nearly two years ago. This deep dive into Artificial intelligence by Walmart adds pressure on other retailers like Kroger and Albertson’s to pour money into technology in their physical stores.

At the same time, they’re trying to keep food prices down and manage expenses. Amazon has been rolling out cashier-less Amazon Go stores, which has shelf sensors that track the 1,000 products on its shelves. Walmart hopes to start implicating AI in some of the other stores in the next six months, with an eye toward lowering costs and thus lower prices.