W launches a crusade against Fashion Clichés with its Spring/Summer 2016 collection Go #Unusual

Last season, W for Woman stood against the binding, stifling trends in fashion and questioned every stereotypical fashion norm.

This season, the brand come back to dispel more fashion rules and shock the fashion police with the launch of its Spring Summer 2016 collection aptly titled #Unusuals.

Their new collection presents a genre of clothing that is rooted in Indian sensibilities yet adapts well to the western outlook. The collection establishes new trends and gives a new meaning to “Fusion”. It combines grace with easy functionality and presents a new avatar of Fusion dressing.This campaign is for the spunky, go-getter modern Indian woman who takes no prisoners.

The key looks of the collection include floor sweeping or ankle length Stiletto Kurtas, cropped pants and culottes, Layered Look with long and short Gilets, Geo-Matrix collection with bold and geometric prints and Artsy from the Wishful collection that combines art with wearable fashion.