Virgo & Whisky

Lore as in Folklore,
Lore as in Bangalore,
Lore as in Locavore.
Telling Stories Through Food: Lore’s Pop-Up series is set to take Bengaluru’s culinary scene to the next level. Conceived by a stellar team led by Chef Johnson Ebenezer and Chef Mythrayie Iyer, Lore is all about giving the guests a multi-sensory 7-course dining experience paired with whisky. Lore’s mantra is to leverage the magical ability of food to tell stories, create new memories and rekindle old ones while giving importance to quality produce, directly working with farmers and artisans. As part of Lore, the team will create an experience around the theme – “Virgo & Whisky”, a multi-sensorial dining experience which is Virgo being the life giver also represents mother earth, the green pastures of nature that gives its energies to all those in need, Virgo emanates the receptivity of earth element, Virgo is sensitive, Virgo depicts purity as that of a glacier or an iceberg, Virgo is emphatic to all surroundings as it is intuitively tapped to the frequencies of earth plane or the terrain.

The Virgo Connection – The story
Virgo – August 23 to September 23
Element referred to: Earth
Theme by Lore to connect: Terrains of the earth
Produce: 80% of the produce is Local Ingredients which depicts the Local bounty and keeping our pillars intact to locavore.
Whisky pairing & its blend into the story: Various elements of earth which are associated with Paul John Whisky is embedded into the storyline of the 7 Course menu, which compromises of 7 main ingredients under each sub section, ingredients which belong to whisky like Peat/Charred Wood Cask/ barley are used in the courses.
Ingredients: The produce is mainly driven from the ingredients which pair with whisky, examples like beetroot, cheese, honey, nuts, local Bannur lamb, local greens etc.
Depiction on Presentation: The menu would boast an introspective terrain amalgamations on plates, which would be blending with the theme of Virgo which is Mother Earth.
Surprise revealing: Kanya the Whisky would be revealed at the end right before the pre- dessert, as the flavour profiles of the latter works around these courses.
Greater Cause: The whole dinning experience concludes with the reason why Earth is chosen to depict Virgo & Kanya and how all of us are responsible to protect this earth just like the way its been protecting us all along.

Where: Whisky Bar, Radisson Blu, 1, Palace Road, Race Course Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru.
When: 23rd & 24th August, 2019, Friday & Saturday, 8pm- 11pm.