Virat Kohli’s message to kids

Virat Kohli wants India’s kids to be fit and healthy. He urges children to take 15,000 steps every day towards a healthy lifestyle. The dashing cricketer is now associated with Stepathlon Lifestyle that now laucnched a new company, Stepathlon Kids, which is focused on the health and wellness of the next generation.

Through its annual 30 Day Race around a virtual world, Stepathlon Kids will urge the children of India to take 15,000 steps a day – towards a healthy lifestyle and to create long term positive behaviour.

Virat Kohli and A.R Rahman (4)

Talking about the association and the need for creating larger awareness around children health in India, Virat Kohli said, “Children are the foundation of our country and their health and fitness will play a very important role in our country’s progress. I see many parents have great aspirations for their children, just like mine did. In order to achieve these goals, my appeal to all parents would be to first ensure your child is fit, healthy and happy. Stepathlon Kids is a first of its kind and much needed offering in our country, and I’m sure Stepathlon will replicate the success it has witnessed in the corporate space. I will be substantially involved in the development and promotion of Stepathlon Kids to achieve our goal to create a healthier nation through the future of India – our kids.”