Victim turns doctor

Asna, lost her leg at the age of 6 due to a bomb explosion during the local body elections in Kannur way back in 2000. Due to this her right leg had to be amputated from below the knee. This did not stop her from achieving her dream of becoming a doctor. The girl worked hard, secured good marks and succeeded in getting admission for MBBS at Government Medical College, Kozhikode.

When she was hospitalized for three months after her leg was amputated, she recalled the love and care that she received from doctors and nurses. That kindled in her a spark to study medicine and serve the people. She has now been appointed as a doctor at the Cheruvancheri Family Health Centre. It is very close to her hometown, Koothuparamba. Even though it is only a temporary posting, Asna is extremely happy that she has fulfilled her dream.