Very soon : Amazon drones to deliver packages Inc has new drones that will deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less in the coming months, a step toward a goal that has eluded the retailer for years.

The new drone is more stable than prior models and can spot moving objects better than humans can, making it safe. For years, Amazon has promised that packages would be landing on shoppers’ doorsteps via these small aircraft, but the hype around the service has long outpaced reality. The company has worked to ensure that hard-to-see wires would not trip up its vehicles, and it has faced tough regulations limiting commercial flights, particularly in the United States.

The company’s announcement indicates its ambitions have hardly shrunk. Amazon has been working to build fully electric drones. These can fly up to 15 miles and Amazon is adding facilities closer to urban areas. They also can carry goods that weigh under 5 pounds, which represent the majority of the items it sells.