Velvet clothes are in huge demand

Whether we talk of royal robes or the haute-couture evening gowns, all have used velvet as their main fabric. Its silky, smooth and royal appearance makes it unique. It is a fabric traditionally made of silk, in which the cut threads are distributed evenly in a short dense heap thus making it very soft and smooth. Velvet has gained a special place in classic fashion. Many actors and pop stars have been wearing it from the 1970s-90s. Even now, velvet has been popping up quite frequently in many different fashion events across the globe. Crushed velvet has is very popular now and has seen a 90’s revival. Leading designers have been giving their innovative takes on the material. Soft velvets in pastel colours such as pink, peach, light blue are in high-end fashion, and strong colors such as dark green, navy blue, crimson red etc. will never be outdated.