Vamsy Paidipally Has 2 Options – Mahesh Babu or Akhil



Akkineni Akhil’s long lasting confusion in selecting the script and director for his second outing may not see an end in near future. Apparently, names like Vamsy Paidipally, Hanu Raghavapudi and Deva Katta are heard to be on top of his list but the young guy is unable to fix either of them. While Nagarjuna is mightily impressed with directional skill in Vamsy after working on ‘Oopiri’ but there’s no way the combination of Vamsy and Akhil can go forward on ‘Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani Remake.’

Meanwhile, there is news that a project involving Vamsy Paidipally and Mahesh Babu is on the cards very soon. Currently, Mahesh and Vamsy are on a family vacation. As soon as both of them land in Hyderabad in next few days, a final call on this is expected.

In fact, Akhil wasn’t giving much space and freedom for Vamsy because the talented director isn’t interested to work on remake but Akhil is insisting to go for it. If Vamsy succeeds in impressing Mahesh with a script, that could be the end of rumours on Vamsy-Akhil combo because at any given point of time, Mahesh Babu is a brighter opportunity for any director. Prasad V Potluri is almost ready with the needful budget.