USA – Oregon Brewer’s Festival

Portland, Oregon, is making a run for beer capital of the U.S. The Oregon Brewers Festival, held July 27-31, marks the perfect time to sample more than 80 craft beers from local and nationally known brewers.


Beer lovers, look no further — in Portland, you’ll find 53 breweries (more than any other city on earth), scads of annual beer fests, brew ‘n’ view movie theaters, beer pairings at fine restaurants and tap lists galore. Since the early 1980s, Portland brewers have been hard at work, pioneering the craft beer movement with fresh local ingredients. Along with bustling brewpubs and a calendar overflowing with beer-themed events, their innovative, tasty brews help the city to continually earn its “Beervana” nickname. Beer lovers travel from all over the world to attend this event and join the 70,000 plus attendees that shows up to celebrate tasty beers and great weather.


In Oregon, one way we celebrate July is by proclaiming it Craft Beer Month. Throughout the state, Oregonians and visitors celebrate the burgeoning craft beer scene at sunny summer festivals. And during the last full weekend of July, the Oregon Brewers Festival marks the culmination of the month with a four-day event that draws visitors from all over the world. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you get the most out of sipping suds at the 29th anniversary of this popular festival.

When and Where
July 27-31, 2016
Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland

Oregon Beers to try
this year’s festival will feature 86 craft breweries from all parts of the nation that will serve more than 30 beer styles.

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