Uno dos tres

When you’re in the mood to sit down for an evening of exquisite aged and specially infused cocktails then Bar Uno at JW Marriott Bengaluru won’t leave you disappointed. The newly appointed bar chef Abhishek Shevade whips up a storm with his house made syrups and interesting infused concoctions stirring up cocktails with such technique and finesse that will leave you in high spirits. Literally! You can also tuck in from the special menu curated by the bar chef who has over five years of experience in India and overseas. Abhishek brings with him a technique of creating infused cocktails using the finest of spirits, perfect for a weekend afternoon or an after-work tipple with friends or better still a social soiree. His Aged Cocktails mixology is fast growing in popularity with the liquor connoisseurs as this technique brings out the mellow, unique characters and flavours of the drinks and leaves a lingering after taste on your palate.

Some of his specialty cocktails include Johnny ki Chai a blend of Johnny Walker Whiskey, homemade orange syrup, marmalade, honey, tea extracts and a pinch of saffron; The Uno Master which is a mix of Jim Beam Whiskey sour with a sneaky American Nejire and a touch of Lagavulin, topped with egg white foam to add smoothness to the drink. Both the Johnny Ki Chai and The Uno Master can actually knock you out since they are quite potent and are for those with refined tastes. Ladies would like the Fall To Rise, which is an inspiring blend concocted with bacardi carta blanca, coconut aperol and yuzu and lime and Twist the Jamun, a drink made from Bombay sapphire, homemade jamun syrup, lime and smooth egg white foam as they are extremely smooth and make for interesting cocktails when you’re in the mood to share some great stories with your friends. If you’re looking to find some tropical vibes, then try The Uno Colada made from Home aged Rum, Roasted Apple Juice, fresh papaya reduction and some pineapple syrup. This drink is a twist to the typical Pina Colada and is simply delicious, fruity and has a perfectly balanced taste. If you’re a fan of Negroni cocktails then, the Aged Negroni is what you will dig in for its eye-wateringly sharp flavours. No wonder then that Orson Welles commented on the Negron cocktail – The bitters are excellent for your liver; the gin is bad for you. They balance each other. Negroni is a stunning gin cocktail aperitif, with equal measures of Gin, Vermouth and Campari. Uno Bar is taking the drinking experience a few notches up by aging it for 20 days in a brand new oak barrel. The idea behind this is to add complexity and even more depth to this classic cocktail. Here’s how bar chef Abhishek Shevade does the trick – “We blend the ingredients to my own recipe (most call for equal parts of each Gin, Vermouth & Campari), but I opted for a slightly different approach, blending to taste. The finished drink was not made with equal parts! I then decanted the cocktail (carefully) into the barrel and left it to age. It is important to me that I get the right amount of oak aging, so I had to face the terrible chore of tasting the cocktail every day to gauge how quickly it was taking on the oak and plumped for a 20-day period.”