Twinkle Khanna slams Naseeruddin Shah

Twinkle Khanna slams Naseeruddin Shah for calling father Rajesh Khanna ‘poor actor’ .

Actress-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna has slammed actor Naseeruddin Shah for calling her late father and Bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna a “poor actor”. In an interview to a newspaper, Naseeruddin was quoted as saying: “It was the 1970s when mediocrity came in Hindi films. That’s when the actor called Rajesh Khanna joined the industry. For all his success, I think Mr. Khanna was a very limited actor. In fact, he was a poor actor.


Twinkle Khanna took to twitter to communicate her disappointment stating  “Sir if you can’t respect the living, respect the dead — mediocrity is attacking a man who can’t respond Naseerudin Shah,”