Trisha Accepts One More Horror-Thriller ‘Mohini’



‘Mohini’ is an intriguing title used in movies from the times of Vithalacharya. Literal sense and sounding of this title instantly makes us realise that the film is going to be a fiction or horror centric. Currently, ‘Mohini’ is the title reported to be finalised for one of the upcoming movies starring Trisha as heroine.

After doing ‘Kalavathi’ in Sundar C direction to be followed by ‘Nayaki’ set for a released in next month, this ‘Mohini’ is yet one more horror story from Trisha.

‘Mohini’ is likely to be made as a bi-lingual under Madesh direction. Makeup men specialised in usage of prosthetics are reportedly called from Hollywood for designing Trisha’s look in the film. Technically and budget wise, ‘Mohini’ is going to be high on standards.