Transforming the way we work: 91Springboard

Is it a fad that will die soon? No, we think not. Coworking spaces are going to define the future of offices in the times to come. They’re already mushrooming across the country and Bengaluru is seeing a surge in numbers across the city. These spaces work best for independent professionals and startups and are soon turning to be a hub for those who want their chic workspace to network, collaborate, communciate and connect while building a community in an efficient and sustainable manner. Here are some of Bengaluru’s popular and most creative coworking spaces.


What’s unique: 91Springboard has always been about efficient and utilitarian design. They incorporate the rustic with the efficient in a subtle manner that is pleasing to the eye. Springboard has always been a high demand venture, as you will see across its various hubs. As designers and execution consultants, they have incorporated this in a manner, where it can maximise capacity without compromising on the overall openness and comfort, thus eliminating frames and bringing in see-through toughened glass and slider accesses at the Koramangala hub. Combined with high-end network connectivity and a playful setting, it becomes a sought after space for budding entrepreneurs and innovators.

A space apart: Springboard brings about best of both worlds in the way no competition does. Friendly on the pockets and a casual setting, creating the best enterprising environment possible. Some of the friendly features you will find here are high Speed Wifi connector, open 24/7 with professional security, 24/7 power backup, receive mail c/o 91Springboard, comfortable workstations, photocopy & printing, phone booth, free or discounted access to events, housekeeping service, company registration documentation, access to a curated list of service provider connector, tea and coffee, cafe, lounge and games.

One step up over others: Government aid and scholarships, play area, high end networking, customisability, freedom of space, choice across hubs, and to top it all, like minded crowd for you to network and progress.

Current trends: Co-working has not only become a trend in itself, inside the space, it is more now about office lifestyle. Better infrastructure and minimisation of effort put forth on the basics. Basically you can get the cool office from your first day, instead of a struggle to attain commercial success. Hub members can feel free to what they actually want to do, that is, to innovate. Everything is taken care by the team, that’s the trend.

Top startups that work out of here: There are many startups working around here like Vault edge, Trendlyne, and others. 91Springboard has been developed by Harish Padmanabhan, Chief Integrator and architect, Kanchan Integrated (KIPDCo) and Siddartha Rauniar who are doing atleast three new hubs a year.