Time To Embark On An Exciting Flying Adventure!

 Enjoy A Breathtaking Weekend Of Awesome Paramotoring With Redrawlife!

Redrawlife, Kochi takes you on a cruise through the boundless sky this weekend! Pump up your enthusiasm for the time of your life as you get hooked onto the nylon chute and a paramotor to race against gravity as you sail like a bird , far up in the sky over the coast!

There is not much special training required to indulge in this sport activity. With basic safety flying gears such as a sturdy shoes, protective helmet and flying gear including the paramotor you are good to go. Also, this is tandem flying, which means a trained instructor will accompany you for your flight. So all that you have to do is sit back and enjoy the skies!

Cost: Rs 3600
Duration: 15 minutes
Date: Feb 11th&12th ( Yes! the valentines day weekend!)
Book your slots at: www.redrawlife.com