Through The Beautiful Orchards of Kanthallor!

Here Is a New destination that travelers are Exploring in Kerala Now! 

Redrawlife is on another adventure, this time to Kanthallor in Idukki, nestled in the Western Ghats. “Come stay in tents in a farm, get some fresh air, visit interesting spots around and have a wonderful stay. If you like the idea of camping but not the idea of putting up a tent then you will love the pre-erected tents. The tents come equipped with the groundsheet, sleeping bags, lightings etc. Go for a long walk through the lush green landscapes, orchards and its villages. What better way to enjoy a holiday in the beautiful countryside than enjoying local food without the hassle of having to stop off and buy it,” lists out the team on facebook. 


Explore the beautiful orchards, go trekking and enjoy nature’s bounty from October 8th – 9th, 2016. For more details, Call 094978 64497.