There lies the rub!

The Spa at Park Hyatt Hyderabad is easily one of the best in the country replete with exotic therapies with a soul for the mind and body.  No wonder, the swish set of Hyderabad is making a beeline for this Mecca of body rubs. Make sure you book your slot well in advance if you want to avoid disappointment.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of R & R, The Spa at Park Hyatt Hyderabad is the place to head to. True to its name, it happens to be THE Spa for discerning addicts like me. I have been to the best of spas, experimented with practically every conceivable therapy on offer so, I must confess, I thought the experience would be similar when I set up the appointment. After all, how different can a massage be? Turned out, quite a lot! While the ambience is more or less the same as any 5-star spa, the edge lies in their therapies and more importantly, the therapists. I don’t know if I got lucky but Esther turned out to be a smooth operator! Oh wait, let me tell you how I met Esther in the first place. First there was Dushilla, the team leader, who received me with the warmth of somebody who has known you for long and also happens to like you.  Let me not confuse you. This was the first every time I was meeting Dushilla, leave aside knowing her. But something about her demeanour made me comfortable in an instant. I’m not sure if it’s that disarming smile or the countenance. Anyway, how does that matter? What matters is that I trusted her enough to entrust my R & R session to her. But she insisted, I make my own choice. Who would know my needs better than me, was her contention. Well, much as I felt comfortable with her, I was not about to confide in her that ambivalence happened to be my strong point. The consequence was, she took me through the inexhaustible range of massages they have on the menu, patiently explaining each one of them in great detail including the oils and aromas used and their role and purpose in that specific therapy. After a lot of shilly shallying, I settled for the `Nizami Touch’ which is a combination of therapies for the body and face. It’s not so bad being ambivalent, you see. Turned out, it was the best choice. That’s what Dushilla said to me as she led me into the soothing interiors of the spa. Apparently, it’s the signature therapy of the Park Hyatt Hyderabad Spa and one-of-its-kind in the country.


Unlike the Gregorian or Buddhist chants that have become permanent fixtures in spas these days, piano strains of Beethoven’s Fur Elise wafted in the air, much to the pleasure of my auditory sense. Even as I was soaking in the ambience that was having a tranquil effect on me, Dushilla introduced me to this girl from Manipur with kind eyes and a bright smile. That’s how I met Esther, my therapist for the session.  She took over the reins of my Sunday afternoon and led me indoors into a mildly fragrant pristine white room. First she ensured that I was seated comfortably in a sofa and enquired if I wanted her to focus on any specific troubled area of my anatomy. I said, “Hmmm… let me think… my legs, back, neck and shoulders…”  She flashed a benign smile and responded rather smartly, “Basically, your whole body, right?’ I nodded in affirmation, sheepishly. She sat me down and eased my aching feet into a brass vessel of hot water. After a gentle cleanse, she patted them dry while explaining that they use only Kama Ayurveda oils for the massage. And then I sank into the most comfy bed and surrendered myself to her ministrations. For the next 90 minutes, I was floating on the clouds, oblivious to the existence of the material world around me. When I came to, I saw Esther patting me on my shoulder gently to bring me back to my senses. It took me a while to orient myself but when I finally did; I was wide awake, bursting with energy. No wonder it’s called `Active Renewal Massage.’ Nobody could have found a more apt name which says it all! Priced at Rs 8000 + taxes, it is well worth the investment.


Esther asked me to continue to lie down and Agun, another Manipuri wonder took over from her. This time, the focus shifted to my face. With the onset of winter and the nip in the air, skin tends to lose moisture and starts drying up. That’s where Hydra facial steps in to help the skin retain its suppleness and restore the moisture. The facial consists of 3 steps – cleansing, extracting and exfoliating. There is no manual intervention in this treatment. The machine used is imported from the US of A and makes your face feel smooth to touch. There is no need to wash up after the facial. You can opt for 15 minutes at Rs. 5,500 + taxes, 30 minutes at Rs. 7,800 + taxes or 1 hour duration at Rs. 12,000 depending on the time and money you can invest.


Feeling fresh and alive, I walked out or should I say floated because I felt lighter as if a weight had been lifted off. I thanked the girls for making me feel so good about myself. Dushilla enquired how the experience was and I said, “Manipur girls are fantastic,” and she smiles warmly saying that she belongs to Manipur too. Hmmm… must make a trip to Manipur sometime soon…. But right now, it’s time for all you lovely people to get your precious bodies to The Spa.

For appointments get in touch with Dushilla at +9197013 46721

Address: The Spa, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Road No. 2, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad