The Troopers to perform in Bangalore

The Troopers are all set to give a groovy twist to your Saturday night. Aniruddh Naidu, Michael Ranjan, Siddharth Gupta and Aditya Bhagat will be performing at The Beer Café Biggie in Bangalore on 14th May at 9 PM.

The Troopers_1 (Copy)

The Troopers are a set of musicians aiming to ensure that ‘rock n ‘roll is by no means a dying brand of music. With the quintessential Classic Rock upbringing that living in Bangalore ensures, The Troopers provide a vibrant blend of Psychedelic tones and melodic grooves, all neatly wrapped in that good, old rock crunch that audiences know and love.

So liven up your Saturday evening with the best of beers, food and live music at The Beer Café Biggie.