The Traditional Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony!

Casino Hotel Gears Up For Christmas With A Gala Cake Mixing Ceremony! 

“There’s nothing like the traditional Christmas cake, the making of which is no quick andeasy task. We had started our preparations in the month of February and the Cake mixing a few months afterwards. This cake-mixing ceremony spreads the warmth of the festive season and all of us at Casino Hotel along with a few of our patrons gathered on this occasion to part-take in the same. The mixing ceremony, a part of an age-old Christmas tradition, is of Anglo Saxon Culture and has been with us since the beginning of time. Our Christmas cakes are always made in advance.

Afghani black raisins handpicked during the initial part of the year are cleaned, washed and dried with utmost care; the fruits are then stewed for an approximate of 15 – 20 minutes with honey, lemon juice, lemon rind, candied lemon peel, and candied ginger peel. The stewing is done in our traditional Varp measuring 122 Cm dia and weighing 150 Kilos, ideal for stewing /slow cooking. This is how the fruit matures and develops the honeyed nectar or liqueur inside of the raisins that makes the cake plumy and juicy. We’ve got the finest ingredients put together in the most hygienic conditions at our central kitchen. What’s most interesting is that this moist and dense cake has a high ratio of fruit which means, no extra sugar is used in the making. Chef Jose Varkey, has been with Casino for over 3 decades and his passion in even the minutest detail ensures that we achieve consistent quality and flavor, every time,” says the team at Casino Hotel, Willingdon Island, Kochi. Indulge in this Classic Matured Plum cake, a blend of dried fruits and nuts glazed in unique grape liqueur, candied ginger flakes, lemon zest and caramelized orange, accented with a hint of vanilla and nutmeg, giving it a smooth flavor and plush texture. Ten thousand kilos of cake adorn their shelves this year. The Matured Plum Cake has a shelf-life of 6 months and comes in an elegant tin which is perfect for gifting purposes.