The TAJ Gateway, Kochi Presents ‘The OSCARS’ !

 The Oscars Promises to be the Biggest New Year Celebration in Town! 

Come December 31st 2016, 7.30pm and Kochi is ready to rock at the Oscars! The Gateway Hotel, at Marine Drive Kochi is gearing up for the biggest celebration in town!  “Get Ready for the biggest New Year Party in town!!! Performances by dj Savyo, Strings, the band, Prince Abraham on percussion and dj Celine.



Priced at INR 5000/- per couple inclusive of 2 hard beverage and buffet dinner and INR 3000 for single lady / gentlemen 3000/- (with one hard beverage and buffet dinner). For Kids between 5 & 12 years, it would be INR 2000/ with buffet dinner” posted the team on Fb. Call 9895201843 for more details.