The Splitting away Africa !

The continent of Africa is splitting into two parts due to a geological divide, which goes towards the side of the continent. It is believed by geologists that this rift will ultimately give way to a new ocean basin. The noticeable crack appeared in Kenya, giving rise to discussion on the division of Africa into two land masses. The crack is now slowly growing in size due to natural factors like rainfall. It is believed that the crack has been formed due to the ceaseless breakup of the African continent and an underlying superheated crest.

The crest is making Africa divide into two along the eastern periphery of the continent.  However, scientists believe that it will still take millions of years for the rift to broaden and give way to the seaway.  The recent reports reveal that the region of Africa, which is separating from the continent has been asked to speed up geological studies to identify gauge lines, and subsequently avoid chances of a disaster.

In addition, doubts have been raised about the safety of Kenya’s gauge railway project, which began from the coastal town of Mombasa and covers the Horn of Africa region. In the past, Saudi Arabia was separated from the African continent, thus creating the Red Sea.