The singer of all times: Bryan Adams

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams will light up homegrown arenas on a five-date greatest hits India tour in October 2018 for his nineteenth concert tour. The gigs are lined up in support of the music veteran’s current 21 track compilation, Ultimate, which released in November last year. The Ultimate Tour will see the multi-million selling recording perform material from the 14th studio album, which features a mix of new tracks and enormous hits from an incredible back-catalogue. The aim of Ultimate was to condense Bryan Adams’ extensive back catalogue – 13 studio albums, 5 live albums, 5 compilation albums and over 75 singles – into a 21-track offering guaranteed to capture the true essence of the celebrated hitmaker’s much celebrated career. The 58-year-old vegan Vancouverite who enjoys the reputation of being able to sell out arena bowls will entertain the music lovers with universal hits like hits ‘Run To You’, ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’, ‘Summer of ’69’, ‘Cuts Like A Knife’, ‘Heaven’,  ‘When You’re Gone’, ‘Cloud Number Nine’, ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’, ‘Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman’, ’18 till I die’ as well as Ultimate Love and Please Stay.




What can your fans expect from your India tour this time? We have a great show in store, our best work. We spent months preparing this tour, it’s a long way from our first tour of India.


I know you would have been asked this question a million times, but please tell your fans once again how did your musical journey start and what was it that made you so passionate about becoming a singer/musician and a legend in the music world later with your album Cuts like a Knife

I always wanted to be a guitarist, but when I was rehearsing with my first band, at 14, in my mother’s basement, no one in the room wanted to be the singer, so I said I’d fill in until we found someone. So I became the singer.


You’ve been an icon in the rock’n’roll world and an inspiration for many. Who was your idol in your growing up days? 

My brother


What have been some of the biggest highpoints after you became a name to reckon with in the industry? 

I think my ethic today is probably as strong as ever. I don’t think that has really changed. I got into this for one reason and that was because I love singing, and that hasn’t changed. There’s a great sense of achievement to be able to make music and write music, produce music and perform it, and that hasn’t changed. The world has opened up immensely since I started playing 40 years ago.


Tell us about the making of some of the iconic numbers like Summer of 69, I do it for you, Have you ever really loved a woman?  

69 is a metaphor for a song rich in regret and the feelings of losing innocence. At some point we all have to deal with the broken promise of youth and what that means, 69 addresses those feelings. Originally it was going to be called “the best days of my life” but the alliteration and double entendre of the words ‘summer of 69’ seemed to sum up the song better.


You’ve been touring across the world for your performances. Any instance you can recall that is unforgettable in your memories? Any biggest fan crush moment you can share with us? 

My most memorable gig was at Sheffield Polytechnic, early in my career. It was the first time I ever heard people sing my songs to me.


You’ve written music for Pretty Woman, the Musical recently. What are the other interesting things besides your tours and making music that keeps you busy? 

My next photography book is called Homeless, based on people living on the street in London. I have an album releasing in 2019.


You’ve won several awards. Can you name some of them? Even your philanthropic work has been recognised globally and you have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, besides so many other highs. What keeps you going and what motivates you every single day to keep doing more and more for the longest time?

As long as people are interested in the music, I’ll continue to create and perform. Motivation is easy, time to do everything is the difficult bit. There’s just not enough time!


You’re a vegetarian and even at 57/58 you look younger and more active than many half your age. What is the secret besides your plant-based diet?
I advocate it on my social media because I know it worked for me, so if it worked for me, it will work for others. It’s all about having the knowledge on a healthier way to live. Eating animals is disgusting and dangerous for long term good health. Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.

Please tell us how you got into photography and what you love about photography? What equipment’s do you use for your photography? How do you manage to do so many things and excel at everything? Any tips you’d like to share for your fans, budding photographers and budding musicians and singers?
If you’re a budding musician, budding musicians, get into music because you love music, not to become famous. If your dream is fame, you have set yourself up to be disappointed.