The Samahaara Film Making Workshop @ Banjara Hills

Designed for film enthusiasts who wish to study the basics of filmmaking, the Six-Week (60 hours) Filmmaking workshop covers all the aspects of filmmaking from start to finish, that is pre to post production. All the basics with emphasis on the grammar of a script, how to work on your story to covert it into a full-fledged script, how to work on casting and shot division and working with actors will be covered. Students each write and direct short scenes of increasing complexity which are screened and critiqued in class. The last two weeks we work on a final classroom project from concept and script to shoot and editing.
Following production and post-production, students screen their work for their classmates and instructor and engage in critiques and discussion. It will be screened for family and friends at the end of the workshop where certificates will be handed.

Where: Kamaan, N.B.T Nagar Entrance, Mithila Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Mon 02 May, 07:00 PM