The Power of Powdering: Ruby Bal

Our wedding is one event of our life that we plan to have something that looks like forever. From the wedding shoes to a wedding dress, and more, we want everything to be done flawlessly. We want the perfect venue, food, dress, flowers and makeup, because we want our most awaited day to be special. Isn’t it? I’ve always wondered what the fuss was about when it came to being a bride. You pick an outfit, match your shoes, co-ordinate jewellery, hire a makeup artist and you are good to go. But I was missing the point by a mile, until I lived through my best friend’s wedding! It’s easy to find a makeup artist, but tough to find a skilled and talented makeup artist, who would bring everybody’s attention to the beautiful bride. So whilst you are busy with your wedding preparations, we have put together a list of some of the best makeup artists in Hyderabad, in no particular order – to make your life easier. Know them a little before you make your pick.

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Ruby Bal

She is confident, friendly, talented, meet Ruby Bal, who absolutely loves what she does. Not only does she excel in bridal looks but also enjoys the fun, quirky ones. A powerhouse of energy, the lovely lady is a delight to work with. She takes into consideration everything from the client’s personality, dress, skin-tone and kind, to the face shape and features that need to be underlined. In a candid talk with her, we found out about her passion towards makeup and ways of working.

What made you pick this career?

I started doing professional makeup about 4 years ago. Before this I had been in the corporate sector for almost 9 years. While wondering amidst of corporate life, my closest friends suggested me to try out either cooking or makeup. Because of my love for colours, I thought of going ahead with makeup artistry.

How do you handle competition?

Competition always brings insecurity and pumps you to do well. Though I love healthy competition, which should be excelling in art, I see a lot of people drop their charges/price to win over clients. I keep myself out of such a rat race, as I firmly believe that good things don’t come cheap. The same is true about art.

Must have makeup tools…

Kajal, brow kit and lip balm – are the products, while the tools would be ductape, lash curler and makeup brushes.

Your favourite quote? 

Less is more!

Motto you live by?
I strongly believe that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Makeup is not a mask; it’s your confidence in conveying an expression. 

Do you work for passion or money?
Definitely passion is what drives me. There is nothing worse than having to wake up every morning during the week to mindlessly go to work. If the work is big money or paying you millions, then the stress quotient is directly proportional to it. More the work, higher the level of stress. Health takes a toll and then everything related to you gets affected. One must follow their passion to stay happy as at the end of day, we all are running for our ultimate goal, which is happiness.

What is the reason you work?
I was first a model, and a banker. The things one is passionate about are not random, they are your calling. So I found my calling in makeup artistry.

Dream celebrity to work with?
Chitrangada Singh, Radhika Apte, RichaChadha and the ever beautiful Tabu.