The Power of Powdering: Edward Shimray

Our wedding is one event of our life that we plan to have something that looks like forever. From the wedding shoes to a wedding dress, and more, we want everything to be done flawlessly. We want the perfect venue, food, dress, flowers and makeup, because we want our most awaited day to be special. Isn’t it? I’ve always wondered what the fuss was about when it came to being a bride. You pick an outfit, match your shoes, co-ordinate jewellery, hire a makeup artist and you are good to go. But I was missing the point by a mile, until I lived through my best friend’s wedding! It’s easy to find a makeup artist, but tough to find a skilled and talented makeup artist, who would bring everybody’s attention to the beautiful bride. So whilst you are busy with your wedding preparations, we have put together a list of some of the best makeup artists in Hyderabad, in no particular order – to make your life easier. Know them a little before you make your pick.

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Edward Shimray

With close to 13 years of experience in this field, Edward Shimray is one of the most talented and patient makeup artists in town. With a niche of his own, this owner of Siro Make-up Studio is truly a man with magic in his brush – which is why his clients repose blind confidence in him and have never been disappointed. Having worked with celebrities like Diana Hayden, Zeenat Aman, Sania Mirza, Regina Cassandra, and Shubra Aiyappa, he surely knows his craft. He’s not only known for his bridal and fashion make-up, but also immensely popular for his workshops on make-up and styling.

What made you pick this career?

I had always been inclined towards this field and in 2005, I actually took a year off after graduation, and took up a course in makeup and hairstyling. It all started then.

How do you handle competition?

As  a true artist, I believe  in my uniqueness of my art and if my client comes to me seeing it  than I feel, I have  accomplished what I want as an artist. Competition is there is any field and that is what makes us less complacent.

Must have makeup tools…

Lash curler, mascara and kajal.

What is your favorite quote? 

“Make up is all about working on the individual features of each person and enhancing the beauty of it.”

By what motto do you live?
Make up is all about working on the individual features of each person and enhancing the beauty of it.

Do you work for passion or money?
To be very honest I work for both because I need both passion and money to be at the top. So there are times when I do free shoots just because I like the concept of the designers or photographers.

What is the reason you work?
I am here because I believe that this is a gift from God, this what I love and this is my passion.

Dream celebrity to work with?

Deepika Padukone!