The new Pizza among the millennials

In the era where ordering food online has become a new rage among millennials, it is found that biriyani has become the most loved comfort food across Metros and suburbs in the country. Like the way pizza and burger orders flourished, online food delivery platforms have now crowned biryani as the king of most-craved dishes. From 2017 there has been a 681 percent increase among the orders placed on Swiggy.

While pizzas, burgers and cakes were the most searched food items last year, chicken biryani remained the most ordered dish during festivals, lunches, dinners, snack time and late-night slots across the country. Witnessing the growing demand, opening a biryani house is one of the top choices for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in food start-ups. Since Biriyani comes in larger quantities and costs less than a medium pizza people obviously will prefer a biriyani which is cost effective and at the same time fills the tummy.

Often priced by the kilo, the delicacy is served by big hotel chains, quick-serve restaurants (QSRs), Cloud kitchens as well as take-away joints — categorized in over 10 regional variations and the most popular ones being Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Calcutta, Malabari, Bombay, Awadhi, and Tehari. However, unlike famous pizza, burger and cake brands with pan-India presence, there are not many biryani brands yet which could be recognized as national biryani serving brands. Nonetheless, several popular online brands like Behrouz, Biryani By Kilo, Biryani Blues and others are busy serving the palate and taking the legendary mouth-watering dish — once limited to a few known restaurants — right at your doorstep.