The modern menu and the man behind it: Keshav Suri

They’re known to transform the staid to the splendid, ordinary to the extraordinary and all this with complete panache and finesse. They can go to extraordinary lengths to serve that one perfect meal that will leave a lasting impression. Their offerings whipped from the freshest ingredients can make any diner sink in their teeth and go gaga over their epicurean delights. And it’s not just about the food memories they help create that tend to last a lifetime, but also the extreme reverence and warmth with which they handle their modus operandi. Meet this hotelier who is at the helm of culinary affairs serving a treasure trove of culinary treats and is clearly the talk of the town for all the right reasons.

Text: Namita Gupta.

Keshav Suri, Executive Director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group

The entrepreneurial plunge: Just as marketing gurus out there use the medium of shock value to make a point, Keshav Suri stepped into the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group and stirred things to create ripples in the industry. The youngest executive director, he is currently involved in developing strategies for expansion. “I studied law and management and graduated in Law and Business from the University of Warwick, and followed it up with a Master’s Degree in International Management from King’s College, London and a law degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. I handle marketing and F & B portfolio for the Group. Launching The LaLiT London has been the biggest highpoint not only for me, but for the entire Group. It also houses the Group’s signature restaurant Baluchi, the pan Indian destination. I also launched the Group’s nightclub Kitty Su and it continues to be the top nightclub of Delhi and is soon coming to Bengaluru after several Kitty Su pop ups here,” states Keshav.

Technovations: A jet setter, Keshav likes to keep abreast of the changes in the food industry. “We recently hosted Michelin Star Chef and a weeklong conclave with all the executive chefs across the group. From offering international cuisines to vegan food, serving farm fresh to organic; we offer the healthiest, tastiest grub to our guests. We like to keep innovating and working around the latest food trends from around the world.”

Culinary trails: “It is the whole process of exploration that excites me – from experiencing the culture, cuisines, customs etc. However, my favourite city is Paris for its vibrant food and wine scenario,” says the hotelier and restaurateur.