The Little Theatre’s 21st Christmas Pantomime! “Prince of Persia

From the makers of “Lord of the Bling!” “The Free Musketeers!””Alice in iland!” “Beauty and the Beast” Robinhood! Wanted for good!”      ” Romeo & Julieto in Mexico!”  “Pirates of the Curried Beans” “Elves & the shoemaker!” “Cleopatra”   “Alibaba and the forty thieves!” “The Frog Prince and the Royal Catwalk”  ” Puss in Boots!”  “‘Snow white and the traveling circus!”  “The LIttle Mermaid” “Voila! Cinderella!”……. & just 5 months ago the Science Fiction Action musical  “The R.E.D Bean Can” It went on to play to standing ovations in Iran at their Hamaden Festival.Let’s bring in this Christmas season with lights, songs, dance and action! The Little Theatre’s 21st Christmas Pantomime! “Prince of Persia. Panto-mania!” From the 4th to 9th December .

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