The Kebab Tales

The love affair between Kebabs and India goes back centuries in time. This delectable dish was brought to India by the invading Afghans over a thousand years ago and refined by the skilled Khaansamas of the Mughals and the Nawabs of the country.

Legend has it the Kebabs were first invented by the Turkish soldiers who grilled or smoked chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open field fires. Kebabs recipes today are far more complex, authentic kebab recipes though call for a intricate balance of ingredients and laborious cooking processes, that most working professionals today find hard to try.

But what if you could have perfectly spiced and the most succulent Kebabs in a matter of minutes, just like your fries?? Sumeru frozen foods has for the first time launched a range of four most loved kebabs not only for meat lovers, but also vegetarians. Inspired from recipes that were once closely guarded secrets of the royal kitchens of India, these signature Kebabs curated by Sumeru is the starter for any party, occasion or meal.

The newly launched range has a popular selection of Kebabs that caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. From the tender and juicy Chicken Seekh Kebab – marinated in Sumeru’s secret recipe and grilled to perfection on skewers to bring out the natural flavour and texture of authentic Seekh Kebabs that were once served to the royal families. The Mutton Nawabi Kebab, for all the red meat lovers that cannot have enough it, this succulent, melt in your mouth mutton mince, blended with secret spices and lentils just elevates a culinary moment to a divine experience. A pure Nawabi treat that captures the glory of the Mughal Empire. However, Kebabs in the Indian context is not just about meats. In fact Sumeru offers some delectable veggie variations which include Veg Nawabi Kebab, a Kebab once reckoned to have converted a mighty Nawab into a vegetarian. Crisp outside yet succulent and juicy inside this pure Deccani delicacy was once the pride of and joy of the Dastarkhwans of royals of Hyderabad. And finally with the goodness of spinach the ever popular Veg Hara Bhara Kebab, a quintessential favourite with all vegetarians.

About Sumeru Frozen Foods: Sumeru is among India’s leading and only brand focused in frozen foods category. Sumeru offers over 25 categories of frozen food products ranging from quick meals such as parathas to snacks such as fries, nuggets, seafood, etc. Sumeru’s products are available across 100+ cities and towns in India in 6000+ retail outlets. Besides, it is also exported to US, Middle East, UK , Japan and Singapore markets. It has a state-of-the-art production facility in Kochi and Chitoor .Sumeru is a brand of Innovative Foods Limited, established in 1998.

About Mithun Appaiah:

Mithun Appaiah presently the CEO of Innovative Foods Ltd makers of the brand Sumeru, is an expert with Food & Beverage industry expertise across the spectrum of Sales, key account management, customer marketing, logistics, business development, P&L management, developing new business channels, E-commerce and start-up acceleration.