The handcrafted bagels of Chennai

The Bagel Pot cafe in Chennai serves handcrafted bagels and schmears starting INR 120, There is no other cafe in Chennai that sells so many bagels at pocket-friendly prices. At The Bagel Pot, customers can binge on bagels, bagelwiches, and melts under 200. The bagels are kettle boiled which makes them soft, fluffy and blister-free.

The bagels are accompanied with Subtle but creamy Olive Tapenade and Jalapeno Cheddar spreads. The spiced peanut butter spread was mellow and not too spicy. For those with a sweet tooth, their Chocolate Fudge and Honey Almond spread are highly recommended. Wash it all down with rose milk that has a fluffy, milkshake taste.

Their zingy Galaxy Lemonade is also an interesting drink that comes with Clitoria Ternatea petals.  To add on everything! The Bagel Pot also has pasta starting at 180. The Tomato Butter pasta had a smoky feel because of the burnt garlic. They have interesting sandwiches and quick bites too.