The Glam Four – Rav+Attic

A fine collaboration of Ravage + Bombay Attic, created an amazing outcome!

Elegant and sophisticated, these women make distinct style statements in maxi dresses, evening gowns, dhoti pants, and cape tops with a hint of accessories adding to their charm. RITZ captures four of Bengaluru’s ultra-glamorous and successful ladies dressed in chic outfits from renowned designer Raj Shroff’s Ravage, and Rav+Attic, a monsoon edit collection of easy-to-wear, all-day outfits that are stylish, edgy and comfortable.

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Launched recently at Bombay Attic, one of the city’s hippest stores for designer wear, Rav+Attic is an exposition of sensibilities rooted in textile craft and art and a fine collaboration of Ravage + Bombay Attic, two individual personalities into one compilation.


Sheetal Sharma

The tall and slender fashion choreographer’s fashion statement depends on her mood. “I dress according to my mood.” If she’s happy and excited, she’d go a “little more colourful.” If she’s in a very ‘basic mood’, she’d wear something which is in her com-fort zone, without too much experimentation.

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Sheetal prefers keeping her makeup ‘minimalistic’, with the classic, elegant look being her forte. She recommends that women should dress according to their mood, focus on working out and having a great body, and wearing the right kind of footwear, “as bad shoes can kill the look.”

The beaded and textured printed inner tulle evening gown adds to Sheetal’s statuesque charm.

Janaki Bahri

This svelte lawyer loves to accessorise. Studs, earrings, bracelets and neckpieces complete the glam look for her. Her personal accessory style during the day comprises studs, a watch and a cross-body bag “so my hands are free to manage my kids and work.” At night she likes glamming it up and could get funkier with body chains.

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Janaki is quite fond of her double-sided earrings by Esha Bagla and her evil-eye bracelets, has a penchant for ruffles, enjoys wearing off-shoulder outfits, be it tops or dresses and feels that hoop earrings make for a great match with off-shoulder outfits, “though double-sided earrings come with greater ease.”

Janaki is seen looking ravishing wearing an off-shoulder ajrak maxi dress with bead-work.


Shalini Manglani

It’s the ‘understated’ look that Shalini swears by. Her wardrobe is filled with soothing tones such as cream, white, beige, grey, nude and pastel hues, leaving out the garish and gaudy colours. The elegant lady, a well-known nutritionist in the city, never likes “going over the top” as far as dressing and accessorising goes.

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It might perhaps be just one bright accessory or a ring or maybe bright nails, with the rest of her look almost always being subdued. Though she’s experimented a bit of late, borrowing her daughter’s bright orange and red lipsticks, it’s the lighter tones like pink that Shalini is mostly seen in.

Shalini looks chic in a 3D-floral embroidered cape in chiffon and pants.


Sarayu Hegde

Sarayu’s style is ever-evolving, versatile and classic with a fusion of Indian designers with international brands. She is always ‘on trend’, but doesn’t “blindly follow trends.”

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The founder of Bombay Attic is a beautiful woman with a keen fashion sense, loves to mix and match the works of various designers, and since she is in the business of fashion, has the opportunity of discovering new talent in design almost on a daily basis.  

Sarayu looks amazing in a tulle textured off-shoulder mul cape with pleated dhoti pants.