The Dessert Quest: Conçu

Look around – monsoons have hit the city and the world has suddenly become more romantic. Very few of life’s pleasures top the simple joy of sipping on hot tea and indulging in some sinful chocolate to get a feel of this weather.
For all those who are busy with their lives, looking for life to become perfect – stop. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take a moment – pause, look around – enjoy a dessert and make it perfect… and when you decide to do that, we’d like to help! Having wiped the frosting off our faces, here’s our take on dessert havens around the city!

Text: Anahita Ahuja


What makes your desserts different?
That would be the fact that they are available locally, the quality of ingredients used and the harmonious balance of flavours in each dessert. One of our core values is to never compromise on our quality and we go to great lengths to source the best ingredients.

How do you look into:

Price: We price our desserts across different ranges so there is something for everyone.
Appearance: We pay close attention to the appearance of each dessert, but also make sure they are desserts that can be packed and carried away easily as we do a lot of takeaway orders.
Calories: Desserts are for that occasional indulgence so we try not to make calories our priority when we design them.
Taste and freshness: Taste and freshness is on the top of our list when we work​ on our desserts.

The bestsellers: Tiramisu and Russian Medovick from our standard menu are our most popular desserts from our standard. A close second would be our Chocolate and French Biscuit cake as well as macaroons.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends?
A lot of research ensures we are up to date with the latest trends. Attending classes taught by international chefs and following the work of top pastry chefs around the world helps us keep abreast of the developments in the world of pastry.

How do you handle wastage?
Our standard operating procedures ensure that we rarely have any wastage. On the rare occasions that we do, we share it with our team and their families while the products are still good enough to be consumed.

Owned by: Sahil Taneja and Swati Upadhyay

Price for two: Rs 800 plus taxes.


Plot 479/B, Road no 21,
Jubilee Hills,
Ph: +9199858 00031

We went around the city, to find out from some known faces around, about their favourite desserts.

Here’s what their idea of a perfect sinful, cheat sounds like…

Hebah Patel, actress:

I absolutely enjoy sweets, because of which am quite choosy, too. After having tried out a lot of things from a lot of places, I would say the Chocolate Eclair from Conçu, the chocolate brownies and the Classic Chocolate Cake from Labonel are to die for.

Sanjay Kumar, actor and ex-merchant:

I have a sweet tooth and am an addict for cocoa, so anything chocolaty and I am all yours. Labonel Classic Chocolate Cake is my Kryptonite – there is nothing very fancy about this cake but it almost feels like it was tailor made to my taste. It is not too much of an over-dose of chocolate but the right hints of it around your taste buds. If I had to pick between the last Classic Chocolate Cake or The last alive women on earth – I would hands down pick this cake because evolution may give rise again to women but this, I don’t think is possible!

Kirat Singh, businessman:

My favourite dessert in the city would be the sizzling brownie from Ruci and idoni. It is a chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice-cream on top served with a generous pouring of melted chocolate on the ice-cream. It is served on hot sizzler plates to be eaten directly in its sizzling hot form – defines pure divinity!

Hyderabad Loves:

Labonel: Think of desserts in the city and this is one of the first names that comes to your mind. “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt” – is the perfect line to describe a Labonel lover.
Known for: chocolate brownies, cupcakes and cakes.

Price for two: Rs 1000

Guilt Trip: For all those who think cupcakes are desserts for people who hate to share. Whether you are looking for a tarty flavor or a citrus-y kick, a shot of chocolate or the red velvet trick, you’ll find your fix for cupcakes here.

Known for: Cupcakes, cheesecakes and waffles

Price for two: Rs. 800


You walk in and find yourself in a world of freshly baked breads, waffles and savouries. It’s the delicate smell of the place that will immediately win you over. Drop in for a mouth-watering breakfast or to indulge in some divine waffles.

Known for: waffles and pancakes
Price for two: Rs. 700