The countdown to Justice begins

Expectation for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice  seems to be reaching a fever pitch as the movie set to premier today (March 24)

Gowrishankar Siva  one of the co-founders of the Chennai Comic and Cosplayers Convention tells us,” Chennai Comic Fans are watching the movie today . We are really excited about it. The movie has mixed reviews, my expectation is only to see the two primary heroes together on the Screen. Keeping all other expectations low. We are sure of the grandeur of the visuals and sound effects though.”


But why are expectations low? ” Expectations low personally because of the critic ratings that I came across. It’s not because of Ben affleck, we have already accepted him as the new batman . Hope he will do justice,” he adds.

Talking about what the Chennai Comic and Cosplayers Convention plan on next Ratikha Venugopal, co-founder Chennai Comic and Cosplayers Convention  says, “We are launching our website on March 26, Saturday. We are also conducting a party at Gatsby2000 for all fans from 8pm onwards.”

That’s certainly good news for all comic fans out there!

The group hopes to cater to a growing comic fan base in the city. We’re certainly looking forward to Chennai having it’s own Comic Con too!