The Bier Library

This microbrewery is the new kid on the block in Koramangala that’s worth checking out


Located in a tucked away lane in Koramangala, this large and spacious microbrewery is welcoming and is the latest addition to Bengaluru’s growing thirst for freshly brewed craft beer. The Bier Library surprised us in many good ways. First, we weren’t expecting such a vast open space in this unassuming lane in Koramangala that came as a breath of fresh air. Literally! Second, the food was not only eclectic, but also innovative and exciting.

Interiors: Exposed brickwork, tall ceilings and open spaces that the urban soul craves for. That’s the ambiance that greets you when you walk into The Bier Library. Feeling a little Zen lately? Walk over to the koi fishpond and allow some serenity to sweep over you. Fancy a view? Take the spiral stairway to heavens deck and run an eagle eye over the live band and the entire restaurant. Additional areas include a pet zone, baby changing room, handicapped restroom and a cozy reading corner on the first floor.

Food: The Bier Library pairs delicious food and beer. The thoughtfully curated and eclectic menu is exhaustive and caters to a large variety of palates, whether you’re seeking a delectable butter chicken or a slightly more exotic Kodava Pandi Masala, it’s all there. If you’re a seafood lover, then try their prawns for starters. Infact, their Prawn Malai Curry Rice cooked in a coconut milk curry infused with spices is also lip smacking delicious. If you’re in the mood to try some fusion Kodava Chicken wings or Andhra Chili Chicken, or better still, a black pizza made from activated charcoal, you’ll find it all here. These wood-fired oven pizzas are easily the piece de resistance here. Crisp, gigantic, 21-inch pizzas baked in full view will make you ravenous, just like they made us. In case you’ve just made some New Year resolutions, and are exercising supreme self-control, then you can order a pizza by the slice, a la New York! There’s also a choice of pastas to pick from. We begin with a Chips Board, that comes with an assortment of sweet potato, tapioca, lotus stem, bitter gourd and sweet banana chips served with relishes and dips made from fruits. Also try their Egg on Toast, fresh quail eggs on a toasted baguette paired with a creamy balsamic aioli. For desserts, try the Serradura, a popular Portuguese pudding, made with delectable dolce de leche and crushed cookies. Chocolate lovers will like the Drunken Chocolate Mousse, made from dark-rum infused into a dark chocolate mousse. As the menu reads, the food here is a powerful romance of a chef and his secret loves. We couldn’t agree more.

Beer: TBL is essentially a brewhouse and once you sample their craft beer, you’ll know that they’re clearly passionate about their beers, carefully choosing ingredients for quality and designing small artisanal batches that can break boundaries of imagination. It’s almost like a world of craft beer in one place. We tried their six variants of beers – Munich lager and hefeweizen are for guzzlers who appreciate light beer. Hop heads will love the Session IPA and Double IPA commonly known as DIPA.  Innovation and experimentation is the heart and soul of the craft brewery and keeping that in mind they will be rotating two beers on tap on a monthly basis. Currently, they serve medium bodied chocolate stout and Red ale with a toffee caramel like flavour.

Where: The Bier Library, 905, 80 Feet Rd, Venkappa Garden, Ejipura, Bengaluru. Meal for two: Rs 1200. Call: 093809 07954