The Beauty Spot: Farah Magi


The business of beauty is at an all time high. After all, who doesn’t want to feel good and look beautiful! Every beauty addict will admit that they constantly and discreetly check out tips from beauty gurus and beauty bloggers, who are generously dishing out beauty advice supported by equally amazing photographs and videos. Mastering the art of a smokey eye, cat eye or a perfect pout isn’t a cakewalk and these passionate beauty aficionados turned bloggers are giving you your fix of hair care, skin care and makeup tips for a picture perfect look. Meet five of Bengaluru’s top beauty bloggers who stand out from the pack for their edgy and informative content and photographs.

Name: Farah Magi

Blog name: Six Inches Of Pleasure.

Do you have a day job? If yes how do you balance both your job, blogging and life in general?

I am currently studying. Hence time management is extremely important to juggle both studying and blogging. My day starts quite early to accommodate the tasks at hand.

How are you different from others in this space?

I try to keep my content as interesting as possible by incorporating editorial shoots as opposed to just outfit posts. The editorial shoots are carefully and creatively planned over time to create magazine-worthy content. I enjoy creating art and I like to punctuate it with strong content and story-telling.

What are the top 5 beauty trends currently?

My most favourite beauty trend of 2017 was the colored smokey eye, especially in colours such as tangerine, magenta and maroon- it’s such a fun alternative to the otherwise monotonous black smokey eye. There was the blush draping technique owing to the 80s influence on fashion and beauty. I loved the frosted glossy eye shadow trend as well. Owing to the rise of music festivals, festival-makeup (read: festival glitter, body art) presented itself in various fun and creative ways. Straight Arabic eyebrows are a massive trend as well!

How is the beauty business growing in India?

The beauty industry in India is growing at an unprecedented scale and how! It is quite an upgrade to see that women do not hesitate to buy beauty products online as opposed to earlier. We have moved away from our stereotypical Indian makeup- kajal and berry lips, and are now experimenting with unconventional shades like grey and deep blue on the lips. We do not hesitate to pay extra shipping charges or customs duties to get our hands on the latest beauty line drops. It is no wonder that beauty gurus and exclusive makeup and beauty outlets are on the rise. Everyone from beauty influencers, makeup artists, consumers, cosmetic companies, e-retailers and start-ups are benefitting from it.