Taxiwala Fame on getting more Tamil projects

Priyanka Jawalkar, a Marathi girl born and brought up in Anantapur, made her big screen debut with Taxiwaala, which hit cinemas on November 17. Priyanka Jawalkar’s fluency in speaking the language and her identity as ‘Anantapur pilla’ has already set her apart from other female actors from non-Telugu states. The ‘Telugu girl’ identity is likely to work in her advantage as there is a growing clamour against native talents losing lead roles to female actors from north India in the Telugu film industry. Taxiwaala was a surprise hit at the box office and took Vijay Devarakonda’s craze to another level altogether.

Apart from this, the film also gave Tollywood a new heroine in the form of Priyanka Jawalkar. Priyanka is a talented heroine and is getting good offers of late. Speaking to the media, Priyanka said that she has close to four films and one of these four films will be her Tamil debut. The news now is that Priyanka is getting more offers in Tamil than in Telugu. She is said to make her debut opposite a known star and is being considered for more films which are in the scripting stages as of now.